About Us

Founded in August 2012, DrugMegaMart.Com (DrugMegaMart) was initially formed to provide door step delivery convenience of all the medical and health care needs at most reasonable prices only in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh in India. Gradually we started delivering products across India. Our delivery destinations include all the cities as well as most of the small and medium size towns in the country.

We aim to facilitate better health awareness in the country with the use of best available telecommunication technologies as well as express logistics services provided by the most reputed service providers in India. By this aim, in future we can connect some of the best doctors of the country to people in remote areas in India with all the priscriptions and doctor advice delivered to the destination. Everything will be managed on our online platform using various service providers.   

DrugMegaMart.Com is run by a core team of pharmacists and experienced health care consultants heading towards the cherished goal of becoming India’s e-health mega store. Our team of trained nutritionists, counsellors and product experts help customers in choosing the right product/service via live email and phone.

We have a strict pattern of sourcing all our healthcare and wellness products to maintain a quality service and ensure procuring of 100% authentic and genuine products.

Till date we are a self-funded and self-dependent organization with a vision to grow into India's largest H-Commerce business.

With this combination of telecommunication, express delivery services and great customer care we would like to build ourselves into a reputed and dependable house hold brand in India.

Why buy from us?

We are best value for medicines

When you buy medicines from Medical Store, you are paying for the high overheads of the store. Unlike retail drug store, we believe in offering great value up front, and not hiding additional costs at the end of process. So if you are looking for medicines at best prices, look no further, we're proven to be best value.

How can we offer such discounts?

  • No expensive rents of shops
  • No external investors to please or pay back
  • Medicines are not stocked which saves fund which remains blocked
  • We use more technology and less of people to keep our overheads low
  • Finally you save because you buy direct avoiding reatiles

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